my kind of saturday night

Despite the fact that I legit am tired-as-fuck and totes busy, tired and exhuasted, I needed to take some time out of my fatigue-induced state of self-pity to post about how fucking amazing Scott Melker is. Like holy shit, I’m in a (figurative) state of shock at how incredible all of his tracks are. There’s just something about how seamlessly he’s able to mesh different tracks from different genres to create something totally unique to the ears. You know you’re uber-talented when you can do a Trap remix of “Gangnam Style” and have me, someone who has renounced to Trap and all of it’s mainstreamness, luuuuuurve it. In my euphoria, I might have even sent him a SoundCloud message with the subject line “you are amazing.”, but that’s totes besides the point.

I mean, it definitely is saying something when I’m still so excited about a new musical discovery even after having been to bed at 3am Thursday night (or Friday morning?), worked 20 hours in three days, and even attended university classes on the side. Plus it’s Saturday night and I’m in my room writing about him instead of getting my #whitegirlwasted on. That’s some crazy shit right thurrAll my #firstworldproblems aside though, Scott Melker, aka The Melker Project, is the fucking shit. ‘Nuff said.

So, without further ado, enjoy the following succession of musical orgasms for your ears.
You’re welcome bitches.

(my black president knows his music tho)

My jam tho:

The pièce de résistance tho:

3 thoughts on “my kind of saturday night

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