and friday saves the day



Honestly, that is all I can say right now. After the long-ass week that I’m pretty sure every university student had, my extreme pleasure in having reached the end of the week is a sentiment that cannot be described by mere words, no matter how pretentious and intelligent-sounding they may be. Ahhhh, seriously though, this university life is tough as fuck, especially when you spend your entire week sniffling, coughing and blowing your nose with toilet paper (#ratchetalert) non-stop. If you’ve ever been sick during a crucial period in the school year, you know how difficult it is to stay concentrated on both the boring shit your professor is incessantly spewing and on your even more languidly pointless homework when all you want to do is sleep. But guess what? You can’t so you must continue on with your seemingly-endless day ’cause school’s a fucking bitch.

To be specific, school is a totes ghetto-fab  bitch that couldn’t give two shits about how fatigued you are and how congested your damn sinuses are. In other words, school is a ratchet hoe that simply demands the world from you while giving you nothing more than higher-education and a semi-valuable sheet of paper that could potentially make sure you’re set for life. Clearly, I have a valid reason to be complaining.

Despite the fact that I legit did spend the entire week bitching and moaning over how afflicted I was by the cruel curse that is a measly cold, I thankfully did have two paramount sources of hope that kept the figurative light at the end of the pre-final season tunnel ablaze: good music and the prospect of finally turning 18 in no more than 11 days. Surprisingly, as melodramatic as I make myself out to be, that truly is all that I need to remain in a rational state of mind free of stress and other school-related bullshit.

Accordingly, these following six songs have miraculously been able to keep me sane throughout the past week. After many a class skipped due to my “ailment” and many rolls of toilet paper later, I made it to Friday, and I couldn’t be any more excited for my first university finals season to begin, and to be over soon after

On that note, all I can say to bitch-ass school is: come at me bro.

Hot Sugar feat. Haleek Maul – I Don’t Wanna B Judged

There truly is something so soothing about both the song’s understated bassline and Haleek Maul’s thoughtful verses. Despite only being a recent discovery, Hot Sugar, aka Nick Koenig, is definitely an artist I am very excited to acquaint myself with. The fact that all of his beats are actually various sounds he records wherever and whenever is also an added benefit of commendable originality. Also, did you know Haleek Maul is only 16? I know eh?

Dam Mantle – Not a Word

This song is another recent discovery that simply proves that listening to Viva-Radio for hours on end at work can sometimes lead to finding pretty fucking awesome music. Though the whole chopped ‘n screwed vocals trend is quickly become trite, Dam Mantle was able to do it in a haunting manner that adds a much appreciated element of melancolic intrigue. Truly stellar.

Le1f & Boody – Soda

I’m pretty sure by now most people (hipsters anyways) have already heard of Le1f either a while back when the whole “gay Rap” thing was the hot shit on all the music blogs, or now throw his now infamous video for Wut. Either way, he’s a unique character to say the least, one that deservedly shouldn’t be confined to the reductive “gay rapper” subcategory. Plus, this song is simply the fucking shit. It’s weird, but certainly grows on you. Coincidentally, Le1f will be performing in Montreal tomorrow night! Though I would love to attend the show, I regrettably can’t because my parents are (finally) visiting and I sorta can’t ditch them (or can I?)(#loljk).

So, judge me all you want, but Big Sean remains one of my many Rap guilty pleasures. Though all he raps about his how much money and bitches he has/got (so fucking annoying tho), I can’t not enjoy it. I mean, you can’t argue with quality, especially when it comes to steel drums via trap-esque beats. Gotta love the pretentious antithesis!

Ahhh, 2 Chainz x DJ Sliink: can you ask for a better combination? I think not. I mean, with poetic rhymes like “She got a big booty so I call her “Big Booty”, how can you not love 2 Chainz?

It’s Friday, and I wish I could get #whitegirlwasted like the rest of my party-centric first-year peers. Alas, I can’t ’cause I’m still underage, and am also sick and tired (and lazy). Thankfully though, I have the luxury of possessing bass-rich speakers that let me enjoy the shit out of this track without having to lose my dignity through public intoxication. The best of both worlds if you ask me! As another Viva-Radio discovery, this song truly makes my Friday.

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