a musical month-iversary


So, here I am doing my first monthly recap of all the music featured on this here blog. As unimpressive as this milestone may seem to veteran bloggers, the fact that I’ve actually been blogging for (close to) a month is nothing short of momentous for myself. With my rather disappointing track record of blogs that have been rapidly abandoned out of apathy and a general incapability to find my written “voice”, I can finally say that I’m back to enjoying blogging, and all the cathartic benefits it presents. After over 2 long years of moving from blog to blog in an attempt to find the adequate manner to document my thoughts in a manner that truly reflects who I am, I think I have at last accomplished that truly arduous task with this blog.

And, honestly, I couldn’t be any happier!

With all that said, as the first installment to this (you guessed it) monthly series, this monthly recap is essentially a compilation of all the music that I chose to accompany my posts in the month of November. Though my taste in music one that naturally isn’t appreciated by all, I can’t help but being exceptionally passionate about the music I love, like everything else that brings sheer bliss into my life. Furthermore, to show my gratitude to the artists that make discovering new music such an immense pleasure, included in each monthly recap will be links that direct to their respective sites. As much as I love how “un-mainstream” my taste in music has become, great music and talented artists needs to be shared.

Sur ce, enjoy!

Twerking for Obama

Ariane Moffat:
Dubbel Dutch:

My kind of Saturday night

Scott Melker:

Late-night introspection

Cashmere Cat:
Star Slinger:

17 years young


All puns intended


Black cowboy vibez


And Friday saves the day

Hot Sugar:
Haleek Maul:
Dam Mantle:
DJ Sliink:

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