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headerSo, this ratchet hoe is finally on Tumblr.

Though at first I was exceptionally reluctant in joining the “excuse for a social life” that has become this social media site, I later realized that, once again, it was solely my hipster side that was preventing me from finding pleasure in something that is so clearly “me” despite how mainstream it may unfortunately me. It’s crazy how many times that truly ludicrous argument has been my sole impediment from participating and/or enjoying many a an activity that I have presumptuously deemed as being to “mainstream,” and consequently totes uncool. That is the true problem of the commons, if you ask me.

Yes, I just made a philosophical references in a blog post about me finally setting up a Tumblr site.
Yes, that’s all I learned from my Political Philosophy university course.

12.23.12 (2)

In case, for some bizarre reason, my truly commendable efforts at graphic design may have regrettably failed to be noticed (and appreciated) by all, I might as well state it now: I put a shit-ton of effort into creating a fresher, more modern version of this blog’s design for my novel Tumblr site. Because I have become so attached to my self-professed designation as “the aloof hipster”, I needed to find a way to efficiently create a mirror site, that despite it’s many evident resemblances to the original, still possesses its own character via a colder colour palette, and a sleeker typography. Plus, seeing as I’m super into being ethnic and cultural shit of the sort, it was the perfect excuse to once again pay tribute to the traditional prints that make the world of design so damn intricate and sublime. While the iconic prints that characterize Persian rugs will always maintain a special place in my heart, I must admit that Ikat prints are the hot shit as well. Well, there goes an entire day of my regrettably short, 5-day winter vacay.

Perfectionism truly is a double-edged sword.
(so is the #humblebrag)

12.23.12 (1)

Despite the rather embarrassing fact that I still have no real idea how the fuck Tumblr is useful, that shit certainly didn’t stop me from blogging (rants), tweeting (obscenities), uploading (hipster music), Instagraming (selfies) for the world wide Interwebz to ignore and deplore. Oh well, I guess you can say it’s a learning experience in the increasingly-futile field that is social media, and being virtually “relevant.” Either ways, though Tumblr may be a completely pointless tool for “connecting” (hahaha gurl please), I still needed a place to post all the pictures I’ve saved into the “randoms” folder on my desktop. A true treasure trove of pretentiously alliterated inspiration that can finally be unlocked for all to behold and admire via the key that is Tumblr and IB-English style extended metaphors.

Y’all are welcome.

12.23.12 (3)

Also, if any of you are bored with the totes mainstream or jacked-from-Majestic-Casual music on your computer, luckily for you, my entire playlist of YouTube uploads filled with only the “hottest” jamz can be enjoyed by all while perusing my Tumblr. I mean, clicking on the “Play” button is the least you guys could do seeing as I sorta went through all the trouble of removing the auto-play function. U kno, nbd.

Follow me?


Urghh, er ma gerd, this is legit the shit. If that mish-mash of teenage Interwebz vernacular wasn’t comprehensible to convey the message I’m dearly trying to pass along, this song is sex for the ears. Though I am not exactly certain what exactly such a comparison signifies, all I know is that the layering of a classic Ciara track over an iconic Aaliyah x Timbaland beat is nothing short of spectacular. Like, no fucking joke, this shit is fiyah, and any other heat-related hyperbole of a compliment.

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