one totes fashunable month later

Ya so, though I wish I could come up with some super heroic excuse for why I have been neglecting my poor old blog during this last month, who am I kidding? I’m just lazy as fuck, and only now that I have excessive amounts of free time on my hands do I realize how much I missed the nonsensical bullshit that is me recounting the melodrama that is my daily life.

I also missed my usual poetic juxtaposition of big-ass, smart words with my typical Twitter vernac, but that’s totes besides the point.

In case any of you were holding on to dear life in cliff-hanger worthy anticipation, my month-off from blogging can essentially be summed up in this semicolon-introduced clause: I worked too much, bought a 200$ jacket, continued working too much, succumbed to the modern plague that is a cold, slept a shit-ton, started school, got #WGW, fell-asleep on the night bus, renounced alcohol, danced to “Bandz A Make Her Dance” on speakers, started playing the guitar (bitches love the guitar), and, finally, embraced Tumblr.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget that all of those fascinating activities were sprinkled with nights spent reading Fifty Shades of Grey just cause.
(spoiler alert: there’s a lot of fucking.)

Anyhow, if this post’s totes witty title wasn’t of any indication, this entry sadly isn’t all about me. Though I could legit go on for days over how uneventful my life actually is, I shan’t because, I shit you not, I actually could. With the recent conclusion of the fall/winter 2013 menswear season, this is the perfect opportunity for me to get back to doing what I love most (and also what got me into blogging): fashion writing.

(spoiler alert: I still find a way to talk about myself)



Though I’ve never truly been the biggest fan of Acne, there truly is something intriguing and oh-so-quirky about the brand. Though it’s probs because both the brand and its designer are orignally from Sweden (and we all know how everything and anything Scandinavian is fucking amazing), the weird-ass name is def a top contender. Nonetheless, for this season, Acne naturally channeled Nordic minimalism in a collection that had me craving long shirts juxtaposed over cropped pants. There’s just something so visually intriguing about the mix of contrasting lengths. Plus, the shortened hems on the pants totes appeal to my penchant for rolling up my pants (like a true hipster) and showcasing my socks (like a true fashun hipster). Though the cropped pants may seem to some as a tragic case of ratchet hand-me downs, it’s a look I’m uber-eager to try, not out of irony, but because it exudes a certain sense of deliberate nonchalance, and also because I really looooooove showing off my socks. When it comes to the last look of the three, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the slutty nature of this modern take on the classic black tux. I mean, it’s always fun to find ways to reinvent traditional menswear be it through a relaxed shoulder via a divine camel coat, or even male sluttiness via a sleeveless tux jacket. Either way, I’m so down.



Surprisingly, I actually really liked this collection. Though it wasn’t anything near to being as “er ma gerd look how fucking fashun I am” as other collections this season, I think that’s exactly why it struck such a chord with me. Though I usually find A. Wang’s menswear collections pretty boring (read: shitty), the sheer simplicity that characterized this one is what appealed to me most. Again continuing the trend of long shirts and cropped pants that I addressed in the Acne blurb, I can seriously see myself wearing a considerable majority of the garments in this collection. Despite the rather sombre colour palette, I’m definitely a fan of the all-faded-black-everything seeing as I’ve always been intrigued by what a black emo would look like. Either ways, wearing black is like totes sooooo alt and mysterious (and bitches love alt mystery). When it comes to that third look, it truly answers my life-long (since last year) yearning for anything quilted. Like, come on people, how awesome is wearing an entire quilted outfit without looking like you’re wearing your clothes inside out? The answer is very. Case closed.



So like, Christophe Lemaire is pretty much the fucking shit. I’ve adored his designs ever since his debut at Hermès a couple of year ago.  The moment I saw the natural fluidity in his relaxed shapes and cuts, I realized that this guy was legit on to something. Evidently, Christophe Lemaire is a master of the oversized cocoon shape that has become all the rage for the past couple of seasons. True to himself, he always complements tha modern shape with trousers that feature a more traditional, quasi-drapey-without-being-harem fit around the crotch, and a slim fit around the legs. The chaste simplicity of his designs is one of the details that is entirely his. Clearly French, distinctly Lemaire: his garments truly screame ffortless elegance. With the advent of the cocoon shape as the “it” look in fashion (even in menswear), all Christophe Lemaire has to do is take his Parisian aloofness to a technical level no one else can touch. Lemaire for mayor, if you ask me.

(On a personal side note, I know my parents would be cray-ecstatic if I ditched my post-skinny-but-still-tight pants for something à la Lemaire that doesn’t accentuate my imaginary curves so much hahaha)


W8WTF, Zebra Katz isn’t a one-hit wonder? Surprising eh? Anyways, today’s musical discovery is my current jam for the next few hours left on this lazy Sunday. It’s notably one of the main reasons I’ve been able to continue my boring-as-fuck readings that just seem to go on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever… and you get the message. By the way, this track can only be fully enjoyed while doing the “trapshit” (urghh how tacky) hand-dance.

No joke tho.

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