rap game yet another pair of shoes

3.21.13 (1)

So, today I gave myself an impromptu snow-day. Though it didn’t snow today, there still is snow on the ground, and that is sure as hell good enough for me. Either ways, I only had one class today, and it just happened to be Math, aka Linear Algebra for Management, aka the one class that everyone skips. Though skipping class is like totes bad, it’s completely understandble if it’s because the prof sucks at teaching, and not because you suck at the subject and are too lazy to even care (psshh, as if!).

But yeah, I guess you can say this is one of the main benefits of being an “adult” (hahahahahahahahhaha) in university: I get to decide when I do or do not want to go school. So, dear parents of mine, if you’re currently reading this, I love you too.

Ahhh, “growing up.”

Anyhow, the upside to me staying in all day is that I tried to get shit done. And if the italics weren’t enough, try really is the key word here. I mean, when you wake up at 11am purely out of shameless paresse, reading a book on the Arab Spring (as interesting as the subject may actually be) isn’t really the most appealing idea. Especially, when you spend your entire day in your bed, snuggled in your sheets, with the sunlight caressing your face, and you obvi totes good music melodically blasting from your speakers.

In other words, I didn’t do shit, and I couldn’t be happier.

However, I’d be lying if I said I did absolutely nothing seeing as I was able to fantasize about me owning my 30-something-eth (at this point, I’m to lazy to even to the mental catalogue) pair of shoes. Call that “project” a waste of a time, and I completely agree, but whatevs, a materialistic man has his needs!

So, without further ado, I present you the object of my snow-day-but-not-actually sartorial lust. However, be warned, it’s bright, gaudy, and everything most people will rightfully hate.

lyke, haterz gon’ hate tho.

3.21.13 (2)

Like, true say, I don’t even know. Though I was certain that my days as a pretentious sneaker-head had officially ended a long-ass time ago, clearly I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Like, at this point, I’m actually starting to doubt my sanity. What pushes someone to want… wait for it… atomic green (Nike’s own aptly-descriptive words, not mine) shoes, I completely beyond me. Alas, I still want them. Badly.

3.21.13 (3)

I guess, all I can say is that I have in fact commenced a new phase in my #menswear (#loljk), where sneakers form an integral part of my “shoe game.” I mean, with me wanting these Air Max 1’s, a pair of classic “infrared” Air Max 90’sand a pair of TBD New Balances, there definitely is a paradigm shift occurring within the confines of my brain, one that instead of making me a more intelligent person, simply makes me desire fluorescent sneaker just ’cause.

The upside to this novel discovery is that now the two pairs of brightly-coloured sneaks (btw, that’s sneaker-head lingo for sneakers)(#leduh) that I currently have collecting dust in my closet will find a new bifflez, that will hopefully bring them back to figurative life (aka, make me wear them more).

3.21.13 (4)

Maybe this is a metaphorical, IB-English-worthy sign from God that life is gonna get brighter for me this upcoming season…
…or maybe I just want another pair of shoes.

Whatever it is, I should be studying right now.

Nike Air Max 1, in Atomic Green


So, this is labeled as “post-trap” on Soundcloud. Though I know it’s completely a stupidly sordid hipster joke, I just feel bad for the people who I’m sure will actually take this labeling seriously, and actually believe “post-trap” is a legit genre. And, I can say this because I’m regrettably one of those super fucking annoying people who perpetuated “postdupstep” as an actual genre. Disgracefully embarrassing, I know.

But whatevs, all that is totes besides the point being that this track is pretty damn awesome. Having only recently discovered Ta-ku during one of my usual lock-yourself-in-your-bedroom-and-listen-to-new-music nights in, I thankfully had the pleasure of having one of my super “in the know” friends do all that hard work for me, while I get to enjoy the spoils of his labour. Though every “bass,” masjestic-casual-esque YouTube channel (and their mom) uploaded this great remix one after the other, let’s just go on pretending discovering it was hard work.


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