the state of my music #1


Though I wouldn’t go so far as to describe this past week as a veritable hell week, it nonetheless was a pretty intense one with a shit-ton of scholastic shit to do, with so little time to get it done, and so little motivation to get started (but that’s totes besides the point). With the week finally done and my stress levels back to normal, the sole upside to these past few days is that Easter is finally here. Naturally that means four long days spent at home reveling in shameless paresse while lounging on a comfy recliner and eating far to much food for a poverty-stricken university student like myself to be able to afford in normal circumstances.

Oh yeah, and Netflix, lot’s of Netflix.

Now that I am currently lounging on said recliner after having graciously stuffed my face with a shameful amount of pizza, I now also realize that the long-awaited arrival of Easter also signifies another momentous occasion: the end of my first year of university. Alas, because that date still lies a month away, in the meantime I have no choice but to console myself with the mere thought of freedom being so close, yet still so damn far. I mean, when the beginning of finals week is an imminent reality that represents the ultimate metaphorical barrage of rocks blocking the metaphorical light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel, hope is all I can afford at this point.

Hope, and a lot of Netflix to pass the time during my “study breaks.”

Thankfully, this past week was notably made bearable by my recently added iTunes playlist that is currently chock-full with a shit-ton of #totesamaze jams that made studying a much more tolerable activity. With that said, I’ve quickly come to realize that though I may have an innumerable quantity (#gurlplz) of other songs that I could be listening to, my recently added playlist is always the place to be when academic shit goes awry, and Netflix just won’t cut it.

Accordingly, here’s a quick sampling of some of the many songs that I’ve legit had on constant repeat for the past few days.

Enjoy, and keep Netflixin’ bitches.


So, can I just say how amazing this song is? Like, I know I gave up dropping the F-bomb online for Lent (#nojoke #dojudgeme), but fuck, this song is the shit.  I have never really been the biggest fan of Shlohmo, but this song has definitely put him back on my radar, and I am eagerly awaiting his next offering, if and only if it’s as sublime as this gem of a track. I could legit go on for days on how much I adore “Bo Peep”, but my verbosity certainly wouldn’t do justice to the harmony in this pairing of Jeremih’s suave tones with the make-the-late-night-a-great-night expertise of Shlohmo’s beatsmanship. What that sentence means, I don’t even know. However, all I do know is that this song just does it for me.

Also, this.

Of all the sappy-ass, lovey-dubey songs that have ever been made, Destiny’s Child’s “Cater 2 U” is definitely one of the most underrated tracks in that genre. ESTA.‘s modernization of this song results in a splendid remix that conserves the song’s original warmth and ardor, while adding new elements of modern tumblr-love via post-trap and the now-ubiquitous snare drum. Add to that a killer simplistic bass line, and you’ve got this beaut.

Attending a university as scientific and nerdy as McGill, you often forget that creativity still lies within many of its students. When they’re not busy being super intelligent by maintaining impressive GPAs, and later celebrating by partying up and down St-Lo, some McGill kids like Twelve Tone can also be found making #totesamaze deep house remixes of Alt-J’s truly mesmerizing “Breezeblocks.” Ya, crazy eh? A McGill kid actually made this! Man, is it great knowing people who legit have the potential to go so damn far. There’s just something about the layering of the humming vocals in this remix that evokes a sense of cinematic urgency. To do what? God knows, but dancing seems pretty appropriate.

Only recently did I find out about Kilo Kish after watching one of the episodes from Red Bull Music Academy’s truly informative H∆SHTAG$ series. Though at first I was sorta thrown off by the fact that she legit embodies everything that is tumblr-music, I couldn’t help but download her mixtape, and consequently fall in love with her casual, quasi-spoken style of singing. It’s sorta reminiscent of Uffie, but so much better, and so much less aggressive and pretentious. I mean, you know a song is powerful when it makes you want to befriend the artist just because of how down-to-earth and plain cool she sounds.

Plus, this track was produced by Star Slinger, so like ya, it was bound to be awesome.

So, Soulection legit is on to something major right now. I only haphazardly discovered them a couple of weeks ago while perusing Soundcloud for something to please my ears, and soothe my soul. And man, did this brillant record label/radio show/lifestyle excel in doing just that. By regrouping talented artists such as Sango, Atu, the aforementioned ESTA. and so many more in an all-star rooster, I already know that magic is simply begging to happen, and thus, I can’t wait to see what else Soulection has in the works for the Interwebz. I mean, shit, just listen to this song.

For the pièce de résistance, Bey is officially back bitches. Where did she ever go, I don’t evem know, but let’s just pretend that she’s making a metaphorical comeback with the trill-as-shit masterpiece that is “Bow Down/I Been On”.

All I can say is, damn gurl, don’t hurt ’em.


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