first year of experiences

So yeah, despite my extended leave of absence from the joys of blogging, I’m still here living the good ol’ life of waking up at 11am on a Saturday morning for the simple sake of celebrating a day-off in paresse-induced glory. Seriously tho, even if you’re not even tired, you should nonetheless try forcing yourself to stay in bed , immobile and pensive, for as long as you can, or until you realize you have something much better to do. I consider it the ideal way of finally getting out of the post-finals rut of being too #busytiredandexhausted to do anything other than wallow in self-pity over the misery of finals. Afterall, an intense, month-long run of non-stop studying is quite a tiring feat, one that merits nothing less but the luxury of sheer laziness.

Post Finals Syndrome (PFS), you better believe it’s a thing!

On the subject of finals, can we please just take a moment to congratulate my oh so humble self (and the rest of my cohort of freshmans, obvi) for having finished our first year of university? Though for many, this accomplishment is far from deserving of a self-righteous accolade, I don’t care. For me it is, so a self-righteous accolade I shall award myself, and a self-righteous accolade I shall proudly receive.

All humility-depraved jokes aside though, to say one’s first year of university is a learning experience is such an understatement. Be it from learning the hard way how hard school can actually get (via surprisingly difficult PoliSci and Philosophy classes, obvi), or by learning about life through the ups and downs of personal experiences, university is a place for higher-learning, both on the bounties of education and the complexities of life.

With all that said, my first year of university has been done for almost one entire month, and it’s already been close to two months (whoops!) since I last posted. Though I rightfully believe it’s good to take time and let one’s thoughts simmer and saunter, ya no, enough is enough. I’ve been racking my mind over how I was going to formulate the experience of my first year of university, but deep down, I’ve always known that nothing beats a good ol’ list. It’s simple, efficient, and incredibly straight-to-the-point (something that my many ramblings certainly are not).

So, without further ado, here are the 5 THINGS I LEARNED IN MY FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY

1. Everyone’s university experience is different…

… and that’s the beauty of it all. As simple as this lesson may seem to some, it literally took me the entire past year to realize that there is nothing wrong with having my own university experience, despite how much it might differ from the classic “college experience.” In other words, I did not get drunk on a daily basis, I did not go out 5 days a week, I did not get high every other day, and I certainly did not contribute to the destruction of my liver in the process. To put it in even simpler terms, my first year of university was not the much hyped experience that forms the core of our generation’s obsession with intoxicated hedonism, nor was it the experience that has been  drilled into our minds by the same media (both film and music) that never fails to flaunt the merits of getting drunk, making bad decisions, and doing it all over again as a way of celebrating youth. Instead, my first year experience was my first year experience: different from everyone else’s, and entirely mine.

2. Regretting sucks.

If there’s one thing I could change about my first year of university it certainly would be the amount of time I wasted regretting the things that, no matter what, I’ll never be able to change. Though I’ve always been one to lament over the silliest of things and decisions after they’ve occurred, only this year did I realize how destructive regretting can truly be. My main regret this year was without a doubt my decision to forgo the “Rez experience’, and instead jump straight into apartment life. Though this choice nonetheless presented me with many unique advantages that Rez life would have never afforded, I spent the entire year confused by my seemingly-irrepressible desire to have that one college experience that it seems I’ve spent so long dreaming about. With the benefit of hindsight, I now know that, from the get-go, I should have embraced the opportunities that I was to receive from the decision I made, and from there carve out the university experience I wanted to have, and not the one I thought I was supposed to have. Again, everyone experiences life differently: embrace that, and use it as a guide to doing what you want to do.

3. Be grateful for your life at home

Having decided to move to Montreal for university, I had the benefit of both creating a new “life” for myself here in this bustling metropolis, while still maintaining the relationships that I bitter-sweetly had to leave for this new opportunity. Thus, one of the most important things I learned this year is how crucial it is to cherish the strength of your family ties and friendships back at home. The beautiful thing about this lesson is that it teaches you how amazing stability truly is. No matter how long you’ve been gone or how far you are, some things simply never change. Be grateful for it, and strive to keep things that way. One thing I can say is that I’m incredibly happy I didn’t become one of those people that, just because they’ve left their hometown for a new experience somewhere bigger, automatically think they’re some big shot that’s too good for their “previous” life. Before moving away you had those relationships for a reason, don’t forget about that.

4. Somethings just aren’t always what they seem

Again going back to experiences, which seems to have become this post’s central theme, the only reason I’m now able to confidently write that, instead of regretting one simple decision for entire year, I should have been proactive seeking the experience that I veritably wanted, is because I caught a glimpse of the lifestyle I thought was meant for me, and boy oh boy was I fucking wrong. Excuse my brief return to vulgarity, but holy shit is the drunken university lifestyle not at all for me. On many an occasion, I desperately tried, in vain, to get myself to believe that, deep down, all I wanted was to get shit-faced daily for the simple sake of “living the life” like everyone else. However, as I’m writing this, I now realize just how ludicrous that, I daresay, “dream” truly was. I dunno if it’s just me, but pretending I really cared about living the reckless, #YOLO (urghh, how fucking tacky) life simply wasn’t something I could allow myself to do. Despite how much fun everyone else seemed to be having, that shit was not my damn cup of tea.

5. You make your own experiences.

As the final lesson I learned during my first year in university, I sincerely believe this one is the most important. Without a doubt, this lesson is the one I will use as my guide next year as school resumes and I’m finally able to put into practice all I’ve learned. No matter what you see others doing (via excessive Facebook photo uploads and inane Instagrams) or what you believe you should be doing, the (complex) beauty of life is that you make it what you want to it be. As cheesy as this may rightly sound, life is too short to be waiting for shit to happen. If you want something, go out and get it. Don’t let your university years go to waste. Find out who you are, and what you want to make of your experience. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and not who you think you should be.


6. “Choose 2 out of 3” is not the same as “Choose 1 out of 2”

So, embarrassingly enough, I forgot to answer a question in one of my finals. Yes, you read right: in a haste to finally commence my first university summer, I had the honour of being too stupid to read the clearly-printed instructions carefully. In retrospect, all I can say is that it sure was a hell of a bummer to walk out of the last final of my first year of university just to find out I actually forgot to answer a question. Like, I literally forgot to answer something that was worth 12.5% of my entire grade, and even had the audacity of walking out thinking I had aced the shit out of that final.The sole upside to this totes ridic experience is that I now know better than to quickly glance over a question that reads “Choose 2 out of 3” under the assumption that I was only supposed to answer 1 question out of 2. How that even made sense in my head, I don’t even know. All I do know is I didn’t fail!



Having spent so much damn time studying for finals, and having only just emerged from the aforementioned post-finals rut, I’m really behind on my music right now. However, one thing that has been a highlight of my reacquaintance with SoundCloud and mixtape downloads is this swoon-worthy song. Though I’m not really the biggest fan of Cassie’s most recent musical offering (pretty meh-worthy mixtape, if you ask me), “All My Love” is currently one of the few songs that is #totesamaze enough to merit the epithet “the shit.” I mean, damn.

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