rainy days and white shoes

Having been grounded to the confines of my apartment by the rain that Mother Nature decide to bestow upon Montreal all weekend, I had no choice but to spend the past 2 days gracefully whiling away in my bed doing, you guessed it, shitall. Though I could have been busying myself with doing something that actually needed to be done (i.e. doing the dishes), who the hell am I kidding? University-enforced habits of procrastination die hard, and I sure as hell am not about to change that status quo.

After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?
(lol jk, obvi I’m right)

Anywho, though this past weekend was been anything but adventure-filled and worthy of a post, it’s anything but my fault. I mean, with constant, cold-ass drizzling rain that incessantly teases you with its inconvenient bitchassness (like, is it raining, or is it not?) and the fact that it’s been surprisingly chilly-as-hell all weekend, going out was certainly not a prospect that I could envision myself accomplishing. Like seriously, this weekend has been so shitty that I’ve turned into one of those annoying people that always revert to talking about the weather, awkward silence or not, as if that’s the number one development in everyone’s life. You know who I’m talking about.

5.24.13 (1)

Thankfully though, one thing that I was able to accomplish this weekend was get my broke-university-student finances in check, in an attempt to get myself on the right track to affording a pair of shoes that just scream unnecessary, all-leather luxe vibez. Emphasis on unnecessary, obvi. Though I’m not one to brag, if you ask me, the fact that I’m using these shoes (that I clearly don’t need) as the motivation I actually need to save money and be financially-responsible and shit is quite commendable. Evidently, my irrational infatuation with shoes has unwittingly uncovered the mature adult that I have always known lies deep, deep, deep down in the most profound depths of my 18-year-old soul.

A classy adult that nonetheless treasures all-leather white shoes, and highly overblown hyperboles, duh.

5.24.13 (2)

As an incredibly understated specimen of reverentially classic footwear, these shoes by Common Projects mark a stark contrast to the last pair of shoes I featured on this ol’ blog. While those ones turned out to be atrocities that did nothing more than inspire a complete and utter revulsion to anything remotely retro in terms of Tumblr-able sneakers, thankfully, this pair is the complete opposite. Instead of relying on a clearly transient fad for its trend-worthy relevance, these shoes showcase a distinct understanding of what a classic pair of sneakers should look like, both in the obvious detail of its resemblance to the iconic Adidas Superstars, and it’s more modern subtle and totes luxe-vibez-worthy, all-leather construction.

Nothing short of a Superstar if you ask me.
(see what I did there? #yourewelcome)

5.24.13 (3)

Those these sneakers may rightfully seem boring to many, that is exactly the reason I am so drawn to them. There’s just something abut how refreshingly simple they are that just makes me long to own them. I say refreshing because, nowadays, it’s rather rare to find something that isn’t all in your face about how much it’s either on-trend and totes fashionable or, conversely, totes underground and 90s-tumblr-hipster. On the other hand, these shoes may or may not captivate ones eyes instantly, but if they do, it’s in a sublimely subtle manner that certainly does not go inaperçu and unappreciated. Though for some that “look at me know” sartorial demeanor may be precisely what they’re aiming for, personally, I’ve tried and failed many a time to properly capitalize on that shock factor that can seemingly demands the attention of each passing streetstyle photog. Hence why, for me, the understatedly classic luxe vibez of these shoes are so damn alluring.

But whatevs, to each his own.

As chaste as these shoes may appear, it’s in that simplicity that lies something that can only be accomplished with a punctilious respect for austerity: a perfect balance between high and low. Though that term is one of the many fashun expressions that pisses me off the most, these sneakers are certainly an apt demonstration of how the juxtaposition of such a highly-revered element such as Italian leather with the more common practicality of a classic pair of sneakers can create such a delicate and timeless harmony.

5.24.13 (4)

Not too long ago, I wrote about how one of the main benefits of investing in designer items is that, despite their ridiculously elevated price, you truly are paying for the long-term quality of the item. That same rule applies to these shoes as they are exactly that: an investment that, in the long-run, will reveal itself to being more than worth the money. Quality construction that is complemented by the use of durable and timeless materials truly is the key to Rick Rossin‘ it up and blowing money fast on one item that deserves to be cherished for years. Coincidentally enough, a friend recently asked me if I actually planned on wearing white, all-leather sneakers when I was an adult. At first, I was taken aback by that simple question because it seemed to irrelevant. But then I realized, for someone like myself who can’t afford shit like this on a daily basis, their wearability and time-honored nature are exactly what drew me to them in the first place.

So, hell to the yes, you bet your ass I’ll be wearing these sneakers as long as they’ll last me. Hell, they already look like those velcro shoes you always see on the elderly, so clearly I’m already half-way there.

Now, all I need is $350. Any takers?

Common Projects “Achilles” Leather Sneakers, $350


So, though I posted about them and their debut something like month ago, only now did I finally get around to buying Vondelpark’s excellent first album Seabed. Unsuprisingly, the CD certainly does not disappoint, despite the fact the leading single “California Analog Dream” still remains my favorite from the album. Though, personally, I envision Vondelpark’s music as something that should be enjoyed while lying in the grass in the sun, that shit was nothing more than an unattainable dream for me during these apst two days. Thus, Vondelpark’s album became my go-to soundtrack to this weekend’s rainy day blues. Again, they sure as hell didn’t disappoint.

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