the state of my music #2


So, if my return to a semi-regular posting schedule wasn’t of any indication (lol 2 posts in a week people!), I’ve finally wrapped my head around the fact that summer is officially here. Though I’m already almost done my first month of four (I know eh?), I legit still can’t believe I actually have three more months of summer-vibez-induced paresse to leisurely indulge in. Like seriously, it’s pretty crazy to believe that the most important academic period of your life (but actually) is the one punctuated by the most months of uninterrupted, blissful vacay.

Ahh, this seriously is the life!

As finals ended and I finally began to emerge from the Post Finals Syndrome rut that I had regrettably found myself submerged in for the entire month of April, I was thankfully rewarded with some much-needed time to refresh my recently added playlist by perusing the Interwebz for all the good music I was forced to miss out on. Despite the undeniable injustice of that unfortunate month, I now find myself more content than ever with the turn of events during the past few weeks I’ve spent reacquainting myself with SoundCloud, YouTube channels, and all the music blogs that form the ever-expanding music “folder” of the Internet. One month in, and I already have a feeling this summer will be filled with even more mixtape downloads, SoundCloud reposts, YouTube uploads, and other musical discoveries.

Once again, high-school summers can suck it.

And, with that so eloquently expressed, get ready people: like the first one, this is a whopper of a post.


Like, I’m totes sorry, but I seriously had no choice but to start this list with what is certainly already one of the songs of summah oh-one-three (to be read like a white girl’s summer Facebook album circa-pre-2010)(you know what I’m talking about). This song simply cements the irrefutable fact that Ciara is officially back. And, man have I missed her! To this day I still vivldy remember the first time I had the honour of watching her seducing the world in her debut video “Goodies,” dipping it low ATL-style like there was no tomorrow. I recall it was during the period in my life when I watched BET (coincidentally) like there was no tomorrow in an effort to tap into my hip-hop roots (#nojoke). As shameful as that may truly be, at least I was able to take away a deep love for Ciara and her underrated talent, a profound affection that lasts to this day. And, it’s through that same admiration that I am writing this blurb while dancing in my chair like there is no tomorrow.

Ahh, Ciara, you really have been missed!

Long story short: this marvelous remix is another example of those songs you instantly regret not having listened to the first time it appeared on your feed. Though I’ve been following Sweater Beats’ musical progression for a while now, I presumptously dismissed him as an artist that could only produce 80s-inspired, post-chillwave electro. Man oh man was I wrong. Luckily, I randomly heard this song not too long ago on a coworker’s iPod and again in Sweater Beats’ own legit twerk-worthy-and-booty-poppin’ (speaking of twerking, white girls seriously need to stop referring to it) 30-minute mix for Boiler Room. With two musical “sightings” in the short span of like 2 days, I instantly knew this song was the shit (one of many, obvi), and that Sweater Beats is not an artist that can confined to a rather trite, 2k11 genre.

I mean, cake cake cake, tho.

Another song taken from a recent mix from none other than Montreal’s very own Kaytranada, this song has already become an instant summer classic. Like, just listen to it. Though it says house in it’s title, it is anything but the repetitive house that requires one to be intoxicated to fully enjoy. Trust me, I’ve found myself dancing (with contempt) to many a house track while sober, and this one thankfully does not fit that humdrum bill. I dunno, there’s just something about how this track begins that just evokes the warmth of summer vibez and the prospects of rooftop dancing. Though I have yet to find an occasion to accomplish said act, you better believe it’s on my summer bucket list.

Before listening to this one, I must advise you to turn the shit up on the bass on your speakers because this is one of those songs that simply demands to be unabashedly blasted and thoroughly enjoyed. True to my word, I did just that during a recent late-night drive that was spent was relishing in the cabin-filling bass of a good car sound system. Seriously try it! I honestly believe it’s the only way to appreciate a track that so perfectly remixes a classic Little Dragon tune in a manner that injects ominous vibez via gloomy xylophone notes and haunting snares. Though I’m not one to revel in the pretentiousness of witch-hop or any of that 2k10 bullshit, this song is definitely a modern interpretation that conserves the key Southern elements while a much-appreciated, bright flair for the dark and sinister.

Gotta love it (and THE-DRUM for including this song in their brilliant mix for SSENSE).


Sometimes I really just can’t get myself to understand just how much musical talent Montreal contains. Like seriously, it seems the city is chock-full of virtuosos that simply excel in their craft and act as pioneers in their respective genres. Like the aforementioned Kaytranada, J.u.D. is another one of those artists that simply never ceases to amaze me. First with his now-classic remix of Rihanna’s “You Da One,” and now with these two marvels of songs, clearly this guy just has so much damn talent to offer both Montreal and the entire world (via the Interwebz, duh). Having developed a distinguishable signature that relies heavily on deep, bass-infused 808 beats, J.u.D. is quickly carving out his own niche of the much-hyped Trap genre, one that’s less nonsensically party-focused, and more, in his own words, introspectively “dreamy.” In both these songs, there’s just something about how the vocals (either sampled or sung) mesh so perfectly with the drums and snares to create this dream-like state of pure bliss.

#MTLpride to say the least.

Though this track is unfortunately no longer on SoundCloud (it seems the duo has taken a “hiatus”), that most definitely shouldn’t be taken as an indication of how worthy it is of a mention. I mean, it is so laudable that I henceforth dub “Serial Killer” my favorite song in the novel genre that has become “white girl rap”. As dumb as that classification may sound, it actually is a thing. Quoting Dolphins and Money’s own Twitter bio, they are the “logical conclusion” of white girl rap, an ending point that leaves room for a promising future of white girls rapping (not twerking)  to cloud rap-esque beats in a spoken word fashion complete with an adapted-to-rap white girl accent, to boot (you know the one).

If more of this is what awaits me, then I’m defs eager for more white girl rap.

So, while some songs undeniably scream daytime summer vibez, this track demands for a late, summer night spent dippin’ it low (à la Ciara, obvi) to its infectious, glee-inducing beat. Though I have no idea which classic R&B track this song samples (lol jk, thanks Google), all I know is the repetitive simplicity of the sample has definitely got me hooked. As a modern take on a sappy R&B baby-making jam, that even comes complete with the quintessential “creaky bed” sounds that anyone not living under a rock would recognize, “What You Want” urges you to grab someone (that’s strong in the legs, duh) and go down, down, down as low as you can, while keeping it clean naturally.

Try it, it’s quite the exercise!

So, without a doubt, Ta-ku is on one hell of a roll. Already with a shit-ton of incredible remixes under his belt, on top of tons of his own quality material, this guy is definitely on to something! As one of the most popular artists under the Soulection banner, Ta-ku is leading the pack in this mesmerizing subgenre of 90s-R&B-sampling bass music. I mean, you’ve got to be insanely talented to be able to release not one, but two Beyoncé-sample in a few short months. All I can say is, damn, keep it up man!

So, again, if you’re up for it, you better dip it looooooow.

Speaking of Kaytranada and how much sheer talent our beautiful city of Montreal is replete with, this #totesamaze track (definitely some of his best production work) is sans doute the best example of how lucky we are to live in this gorgeous metropolis. To say the least, “Down Low” is an unbelievable song. When I first heard it a few months back in Kaytra’s mix for LFTF, I knew from the moment the vocals hit that this shit was, you guessed it, the actual shit. Again, though I use that totes honorific title all the damn time, I really do mean it this time. I honestly could not think of a better song to end this whopper of a post. No other song makes me prouder to be living where I live, and to have the opportunity to just hear so many incredibly talented individuals. I mean, damn, this song tho.

Thus on a final note, S/O (hahaha) to Kaytranada, Cyber and Green Hypnotic for being so damn awesome, and for making Montreal proud (cue Drake’s “Make Me Proud,” obvi)

*** BONUS ***

If my words aren’t enough to convey the beauty of #MTLpride, here’s the video for “Down Low.” I mean, just look at how much pure fun they’re having!

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