spoiler alert: shortest post evar

5.30.13 (2)

GAME OVER: 2k13 already has it’s song of the year.

Yes, you read right. Though we have yet to even finish the first half of the year, I’m already fervidly sure enough of myself to declare the competition for 2013’s club-pop/hipster-electro/bass/dubstep (#loljk)/whichever-totes-unmainstream-genre-your-hipster-mind-can-think-off song of the year officially over. Excessively presumptuous yes, but really, is that much of a surprise?

Thus, with that said, Kingdom’s Bank Head seriously is just one of those songs that is beyond amazing for reasons that you’ll never even be able to comprehend. I mean, though this single and the entire “Vertical XL” EP it leads mark a radical departure from the original circa-That Mystic Kingdom I fell in love with back in oh-ten, this shit is still #fiyah, hashtag and all.

Having first head Bank Head on his splendid Clubposite mix for DIS Magazine (already a classic), once Kelela’s enchantingly sublime voice crescendoed into a soothing intensity, I instantly knew that Kingdom was officially back to his vocal-driven finest. Fast-forward to many a play later, and I definitely couldn’t have been any more right. Without a single doubt, this song represents Kingdom at his musical zenith, an apogeal accomplishment I certainly hope will keep him inspired for many releases to come.

Despite the fact that Bank Head was first released as an instrumental back in January for the 2nd “Night Slugs Allstars,” its re-release with the added grace of Kelela’s vocal magnificence is finally getting this brilliant track the limelight it rightfully deserves. Clearly, most people agree with me seeing as “Bank Head” has undeniably become one of the most played songs in the most popular DJ sets of this first half of the year.

In short, this song is modern, vocally-driven club music at its most climactically alluring.

Sincerely, thank you Kingdom.

P.S. Make sure to buy Kingdom’s latest EP Vertical XL on iTunes (stream it above).

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