late-night gems and shitty puns

7.9.13 (2)

I don’t know what it is, but the feeling of making a random, late-night musical discovery that is actually still good the following day is one I will never be able to get enough of. Seeing as the fatigue-induced haze of browsing the web while you should be sleeping makes everything seem and sound so much better than it is in reality, chancing upon something that retains that elusive quality of being so Goddamn awesome even after many an hour of much needed sleep is a true testament to the marvel (but actually tho) of said something.

In this case, said something simply happens to be the incredibly relaxing rapping-cum-surprisingly-melodious-singing characteristic of  Chance the Rapper. Last night, at around 1am, I luckily found myself listening to his superb track “Lost” while perusing some random 2k13-hipster’s tumblr. Though I normally despise (with the most ardent of passion) opening a webpage and having some shitty-ass music start playing automatically without my consent (like, come on, major pet peeve right there), for once, the music happened to not be shitty, and was instead refreshingly soothing and bliss-inducing.

Having become more and more enthralled by the ever-expanding universe of “bass” music (for lack of a better epithet), I have regrettably found myself drifting away from the complex intricacies of rap, a genre that’s characterized by the most contradictory of extremes. While on one side you have the vulgar, #twerkteam-worthy sounds of the like of 2 Chainz, Juicy J and all that crude jazz, on the other hand you have “intelligent rap” with lyrics far too meaningful (read: depressing) for me to actually enjoy (read: understand)(shameful, I know). However, somewhere in the middle you have sublime rap from artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, I daresay, even Drake (the man’s got taste in terms of beats and generation-defining verses) that excel both in terms of production and lyrical artistry. Now, to my immense pleasure, I can finally add another name to that disappointingly short list: Chance the Rapper.

With that said, just listen to these tracks, and allow yourself to get lost in the beats (and/or the lyrics). There’s just something so easeful about how his lyrical flow seems to harmonize so perfectly with the understated quality of the bass-driven beats. Though there still is an undeniable vulgar quality to his lyrics, it seems to me to be all in a lighthearted nature that is filled with the careless joy that characterizes our youth.

Either way, just enjoy, and don’t overthink it.

Or, in more “punny” terms, just take a chance on the rapper!
(hahahahahahahahahahaha, omg tho)

Oh yeah, make sure to download his mixtape Acid Rap. It’s FREE.99 and pretty damn awesome (hence this post, #leduh).

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