new year, new beginnings

9.6.13 (1)

Toronto, August 2013.

As tacky as this post’s title may be, I truly think it is nonetheless the most apt at describing the state of mind in which I currently find myself. It’s essentially an état d’âme that is centered on the concept of self-actualization: if I really want to make the most out of my time in Montreal, I have to go out of my way to make sure that happens. If the minor subtlety of that italicization was lost to you, essentially all I’m trying to say is that no one but myself will be able to make my year count. In other words, if I want something to happen, only I can make that shit happen, be it by constantly italicizing the same word (for emphasis, obvi) or by actually making an effort to crawl out of the static depths of the rut that is comfort through habits.

Thus, for this new year, I sincerely do want to embrace it as a new beginning. I long to be able to live a more spontaneous life where I refuse to allow myself to be constrained by the natural potential of failure, which in my personal case is a perpetual fear of rejection. Instead, I need to get out of my proverbial shell, and shatter the barriers of my comfort zone, in order to fully grasp and hold on to the fleeting time that are my university years. Life is short, youth is even shorter.

So, with all that said, here is to new beginnings. Here is to being able to live life to the fullest instead of wasting the potential we have all been so miraculously blessed with. Here is to being able to live life live, and embracing the absolute potential in the incredible brevity of one’s existence.

However, on a more serious tone (but actually), I find it essential to point out that I certainly am not talking about living one’s existence with the fucking #YOLO mindset that seems to have tarnished the innocent sanity (or lack thereof) of my generation. In the sassiest of empowered black woman voices, hell to the Goddamn NO. Instead, this post is about welcoming the fact that we truly do only live once, so we must take every year, every day, every single experience as an opportunity to make a life-long memory that we will actually be able to remember. Though I think it goes without saying, it nevertheless deserves to be repeated: making life memorable as possible is about actually being able to look back at those moments, and cherish them when it matters most.

Cheers, bitches.

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