the naked symbolism behind miley cyrus

So, without a single doubt, Miley “#TWERKTEAM” Cyrus has done it again: she has produced yet another visual masterpiece shock-fill with Illuminati-esque symbolism and poetic undertones. And by that, I naturally mean she has managed yet again managed to release a video that does nothing more than attempt to shock with the same nonsensical, overt sexuality that has been seen and done a hundred times over, all in the sake of inanely “wrecking” some damn record (and more of her dignity in the meantime).

9.10.13 (1)

But seriously though, I truly do not understand this girl. Yes, I can fully stomach the rather shameful fact that her main goal in being so ludicrously wannabe-erotic is to shock all the money out of her viewers with her obvi totes rebellious and “youthful” (ha! gurl plz) demeanor, but what I simply can’t get my head around is why the hell she feels the need to so desperately clamour for attention? Again, as aforementioned, I understand her main goal is to accrue as many views, appearances and mentions – be they out of acclamation or condemnation – as possible so she can monetize it all before her fifteen minutes of media-omnipresence runs out, but I think the crucial question that should be posed is: at what cost to her dignity and her self-respect is she willing sacrifice for all this?

9.10.13 (2)

I mean, you truly know that shit is sorta getting out of hand when one of the most salient – for all the wrong reasons, I might add –  scenes in this video is her performing an utterly gratuitous quasi-blowjob to a fucking sledgehammer (of all things). Shock value? Not even. It’s more like a completely ridiculous ploy to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable in a music video that shockingly enough still tries so painfully hard to be SFW. With her lifting up her shirt just high enough to both erotically tantalize the lust of perverted male tweens and shamefully elicit envy in susceptible female tweens, Miley Cyrus has taken try-hard to a whole new level of obnoxious vulgarity. 

9.10.13 (3)

Granted, though I naturally acknowledge the fact that the entire point of this new and improved Miley 2.0 is to get people talking – which is exactly what I’m doing – I simply can’t help it, and am even ready to admit the girl knows exactly what she’s doing. I mean, when someone tries so damn hard to be something they so clearly are not, one can’t help but to join in the conversation, as futile as it may be. Evidently, Miley is banking on the shock-value of her videos to quite literally smash, in all her glorious nakedness, all virtual records and frivolous shit of the like. But again, at what cost is she going to achieve this? It’s all been done time and time again, and this new trend of her writhing in pure ecstasy on a hard surface while dressed in exceptionally revealing white is already getting quite tiring.

9.10.13 (4)

But hey, with her riding (or writhing, your choice) an actual wrecking ball in nothing but her birthday suit, the naked irony of the blatant symbolism in this video is most certainly not lost. I mean, at least now, no one can lament about not comprehending the imagery in a Miley Cyrus video. Gone are the ambiguities of whether or not she is appropriating “black culture”, or simply propagating what has now become the degenerate image of this unoriginal generation of ratchet white girls. Though I’m more of the opinion of the former than the latter (though with many a reservation), “Wrecking Ball” is Miley Cyrus in plain naked fashion for the whole world to see and judge accordingly.

With that said, whatever the hell it is, all I now is that only Miley Cyrus is laughing all the way to the bank.
Oh yeah, and Terry Richardson.

Shocking, eh?

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