last saturday night: nouvel âge + stwo edition

9.27.13 (1)

Nouvel Âge + Stwo = your latest eargasms

If you don’t know who either of the above artists are, for your own benefit, I plead you to acquaint yourself with the musical bliss that both Nouvel Âge and Stwo represent. While the former (Nouvel Âge) is a splendid duo from none other than beautiful Montreal, the latter (Stwo) is an up-and-coming producer/DJ  hailing all the way from beautiful Paris.

With that said, this past Saturday, both forces of sheer musical talent united under the roof of Le Belmont, the classic Montreal venue that is as well known for its killer guests as it is for its pretentious hipsters that refuse to dance. However, last Saturday night, the magical and truly unexpected happened: everyone danced.  And by that, I literally mean everyone. From the aforementioned pretentious hipsters who are usually too busy revelling in how cool and self-aware they are to move their damn feet, to the humble, self-proclaimed music-lovers (like yours truly) that need no more than a good beat to get down, we all put on our dancing shoes and paid tribute to these artists, who were clearly having the time of their lives on stage, by returning the favour and having the time of our lives.

the boys of Nouvel Âge: Antony Carle (right) and David Pimentel (left)

the boys of Nouvel Âge: Antony Carle (left) and David Pimentel (right) (image courtesy of William Fate)

To give you an example of just how terrific the night was, let’s just say my sisters and I may or may not have twerked on stage. And, by that I obvi mean just them. But trust me when I say we didn’t partake in typical Miley “#TWERKTEAM” Cyrus white-girl-with-no-ass booty poppin’ though. In an attempt to reappropriate black culture (yes, I said it), we showed Le Belmont how to get down – while also working whichever muscle twerking is supposed to exercise.

If you’re wondering why we were all so eager to shed our inhibitions and allow ourselves to get lost to the sublime music delivered to us live, it truly is as simple as this: Nouvel Âge and Stwo are literally the fucking shit. All profanity aside, they really are. I mean, you’ve gotta be pretty damn amazing to get me, a lanky and often-awkward dancer, to forget that I don’t really have much of an ass (true story), and actually go on stage and twerk (of all things) in front of people… that aren’t me, myself and I… in front of my own mirror (again, true story).

Oh yeah, and by twerking I naturally just mean moving my legs really, really fast; hahaha I can’t twerk for shit.

the man of the hour: Stwo

Stwo (image courtesy of Antoine Mt)

Though Nouvel Âge is but a few months old (they had their first show this past summer), this duo, composed of the incredibly talented singer, Antony Carle, and the equally virtuosic producer, David Pimentel, certainly doesn’t let their “newness” in the music industry impede them from performing like seasoned veterans. This past Saturday was without a single doubt a testament to just how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. Seriously, I legit was speechless when I finally heard just how superb Antony’s voice actually is in real life. I mean, I was expecting him to be good, but shit, I sure as hell wasn’t expecting him to be that good. Add to that the expertise with which David played the keys and provided the beats, and it was pretty obvious that these two already know what they are doing.

Although the only song I had ever heard from Nouvel Âge was their very first single “Let Me Know,” it ended up working perfectly to my advantage seeing as it enabled me to walk into their show with with no prior expectations. It’s safe to say that I most definitely was not let down! Hearing all their music live for the first time is certainly the best way of truly appreciating Nouvel Âge’s unique blend of 80s-inspired chillwave sprinkled with breakdowns reminiscent of #relevant 90s R&B. Plus, seeing Antony break it down for us on stage was an unexpected surprise that  made the entire experience that much more memorable.

The passion with which both of them play their music truly is a sight to behold!

When it comes to Stwo, let’s just say that the level of euphoria I reached during his set rivalled the high on life (but actually) that kept me going all night during Sango’s show this past Osheaga weekend. Like, you legit have no idea how ecstatic I was hearing all of my favorite SoundCloud tracks (including his) being masterfully mixed one after the other. I mean, I was so elated by Stwo’s stellar taste in music that I just had to do something I knew I’d regret.

Hence the (attempted) twerking, #leduh.

As I obnoxiously tweeted Saturday night, Stwo is definitely at the forefront of the SoundCloud generation of crazy-skilled producers who, time and time again, release astounding music on their SoundCloud pages for the entire world to enjoy. If that is the one benefit of my generation’s virtual interconnectivity, I couldn’t be any happier. As a member of the genre-defining record label Soulection, Stwo definitely repped it for his crew, and for all of SoundCloud really. Honestly, as tacky as this may sound, you can’t get any better than a DJ who knows how to make the crowd dance the night away. Until next time my friend!

Also, #thankGodforSoundCloud.


Make sure to support both Nouvel Âge and Stwo by liking their Facebook pages and sharing their music!
Both are up-and-coming artists that can only receive the recognition they truly deserve if people like you – who know good music – guide and shed light onto those who don’t.

Have a heart, and be that knowledgeable friend!

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