“patience is a virtue” and other trite quotes

So guys, I finally realized what has been making me incapable of starting and finishing anything for the past, like, forever:

I’m impatient as fuck.

In less coarse terms, I want to do it all, yet lack the modicum of patience necessary for getting even the most insignificant of shit done.

Does that make sense?

It’s like there’s so much that I yearn to do, but I just can’t get myself to sit down and actually decide where the hell to begin. I literally start one project, realize it’s way harder than I thought, bitch and moan about how damn difficult it is, give up, bitch and moan some more, move on to something else and then start the whole process all over again (give and take some bitching and moaning).

And the worst part is, I’m not even joking.

Evidently, I need to get my shit together, and accept the fact that the only way you can learn actually something is by taking it one step at a time. After all, “patience is a virtue,” “practice makes perfect” and other trite quotes, right?

I mean, rushing everything in a ridiculous desire to be good at something from the get go sure as hell hasn’t got me anywhere so far, nor is it going to anytime soon.

So, in this estival season where my copious amounts of free time are spent finding ways to not while away on Facebook, this is the time for me to espouse diligence and eschew restlessness. Accordingly, gone are the days where I could I blame all my woes on academics and how “over it” I deem myself. No longer can I employ the excuse of being too “busy, tired and exhausted” to actually do shit right the first time. All that is now in the rearview mirror of my past, and right now I’m speeding down the highway of my future (or some shit like that).

With all that said, I seriously just need to chill the fuck out.

What an epiphany right?

With already one month into my summer, I’m honestly so glad I’ve finally come to this conclusion, as laughably basic it may be. Having been spectacularly able to achieve a mind-boggling zero of the many lofty goals I established at the start of the season, it’s now or never for me to kick my bad habits to the curb, and shift my life into “Drive.”

I mean, it’s either that or I continue pretending to understand what the hell any of those shitty clichés truly mean.

So, first on the list of things I need to do? Write. On a regular basis.

As I can assure you that all the bitching and moaning is at last over, I think it’s about damn time I get back to this blog I can assure you all that the bitching and moaning is at last over. Though I last posted four shameful months ago, as they always say, “it’s better late than never” – especially when that “never” is you growing hella-old and regretting all the shit you longed to do in your youth, but failed to accomplish because Internet and impatience.

On that note, cheers to a new month and yet another pledge to consistency!

Love always,


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