something about the whole and its parts

So, I now mix.

And, as anticlimactically as that, I’ve finally been able to spit out what I’ve pretty much spent the past few days trying to formulate – naturally to no avail. Though I could easily blame it on my trademark desire for transforming the simplest of presentations into the most verbose and grandiose affairs, I’d rather just label it yet another case of damn writer’s block. I mean, something has to explain why I have yet to write a single entry in the past three weeks, despite last post’s renewed promise to being “consistent.”

But yeah, I now mix.

How the hell did that even happen, you may ask?
(though let’s be real)

Well, I guess you can say it’s more or less the outcome of me wanting (read: needing) to find a better way to procrastinate during finals, while at the same time longing to realize my alt-teenage dream of being a DJ, and thus finally being cool. As ridiculous as that may sound, don’t judge me: grades 7-8 were hella weird and spent listening to Panic! at the Disco and the emotional like.

All the same, I am more than certain that I’m not the only one who has spent many a night lying in bed thinking about how amazing their life would be if only they were a “DJ.” I mean, can you blame me/us/yes, us? After all, it is quite the desirable title when you think about it. It’s one that’s replete with the majestically casual (lololol, forgive me) aura of not giving a fuck because you’re so damn cool and whatnot.

Don’t believe me? I shit you not, ever since that one time I waited 1 hour to end up being rejected for a free Lunice gig, the simple glimpse of him walking down the street clad in all-black with a crew of cameramen immortalizing his every step, I’ve known that – at least in this respect – I’ve got my priorities in check.

But, you had to be there though.

Regardless, I still spend my nights praying for a miracle so that I can one day awaken so damn hip that my taste in music alone is enough to get people a-movin’ to the sounds of obscure electronic music and the occasional profanity-littered club-anthem (#amirite).  Hence, this latest foray into mixing, which is essentially my laughable attempt at learning the most basic of basics in the art of becoming a pretentious hipster DJ – one that struts down cobblestone streets with the wings of his shirt-tied-around-the-waist gracefully flowing with every glide.

So, essentially, get hip or die trying?


With all that said, I present to you my monthly curation of tracks which, at one time or another, I have dubbed as being “the shit”:

aloof mixes.
(to be pretentiously stylized sans capitals, duh)

aloof mixes

So, if ever you’re in the mood of discovering some new shit, but are too lazy to actually peruse SoundCloud and all the Majestic Casual channel-clones that litter the Net, don’t even fret: I got you.

But actually.

In compiling each mixes’ tracklist, I really do try to take my time to include as eclectic a mix as possible of new musical discoveries and surprising re-discoveries. Accordingly, the chief objective of this mix series is really to share and promote, in a seamless monthly package, the music that really gets me excited. With each song carefully and expressly chosen to fade harmoniously into the next, my approach to mixing is truly to create something that can be listened to over and over again, just like an actual song. Instead of reproducing the disjointed sensation of listening to music on shuffle, I aim to curate and record my mixes in a manner where the individual selections flow effortlessly from one to the other, so that each single piece becomes a vital component of the whole.

Or some shit like that.

In the vein of my faves like Kingdom, Nguzunguzu and Fantastic Mr. Fox, I strive to engender musical associations that can be triggered like memories. So, essentially, after having listened to a mix, when you hear one of the individual tracks on it’s own, you naturally come to associate said song with the ones that precede and succeed it. Thus, in the layering of separate pieces, new creations emerge to be appreciated as a whole.

But whatevs, maybe it’s just me.

In that case, please just enjoy and check back for a new aloof mix every 1st of the month!

Pretend to be excited for July 1st!

(also, I’ve also been trying my hand at graphic design by permitting myself the additional pleasure of designing all the album artwork, #workinprogress)

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