chukwubuikem nnebe

born in nigeria, raised in gatineau, living in montreal

a curious nineteen-year-old exploring the beauty that is life through cheesy introductory blurbs and staccato sentences.

i’m fascinated by fashion, mesmerized by music, intoxicated by the Internet, and allured by alliterations.

lanky hipster by day, lexiphanic logophile by night, mcgill management kid in between.


email: chuck.nnebe@gmail.com


facebook: the aloof hipster

twitter: @thealoofhipster

mixcloud: the aloof hipster

youtube: thealoofhipster

soundcloudthe aloof hipster

tumblr: thealoofhipster.tumblr.com

instagram: @thealoofhipster


(current) other writing: the bull & bear*

(current) other writing: leacock’s

(previous) other writing: ix daily

(previous) other writing: the main mtl

(previous) other writing: suit upp blog


my fashion magazine: aloof

* listed under “Chukwubuikem Nnebe”

the header image is from Frantisek Kupka’s “Planes by Colors”

One thought on “About

  1. Hey we met last night at Vanessa’s birthday shindig, just thought I’d leave a comment after listening to your show. So umm, LOVEEE your show! Had me totally wishing I was in the club/cleaning my apartment dancing around as if I were actually in the club lol (I need a life!) Speaking of which, I also took the liberty of stalking your blog and I love it too! You’re such an enticing writer! Thanks for sharing! Have an awesome week 🙂

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